39 Stories



Embark on a 40-day journey with us.  You’ll be challenged and encouraged to live life with grit.
Each day is a true story of personal faith and perseverance. Our stories are messy, painful and unfinished. Yet they will give you hope and inspire you to look up. You’ll find yourself, and your own story, in the pages of 39-Stories.
This free eBook download is written by people just like you and me from 14 different nations. Our stories run the gamete of human experience.
You name it.
The common thread of all of our stories is the hope we’ve found in our hero, Jesus Christ who endured 39 lashes for us. He has gotten us through. He will get you through, too.


Each day has a devotional section written with you in mind;

1. The scripture relates to the story.
2. The reflection is a point of connection between you God.
3. The prayers are springboards to an honest and bold conversation.


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“Jesus had you and me in mind when he took the thirty-nine lashes to purchase the healing for all our infirmities. And he had us in mind as well when he inspired each of the contributors for this book to share their lives, their stories of brokenness and healing, their testaments to God’s faithfulness. Thumb through the pages and you will find echoes of your own story there, and you will hear the tender voice of the Saviour beckoning you to draw nearer to Him and to your own wholeness, one lash at a time for Him, one page at a time for you. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, …”

Hany and Elizabeth Sorya, Founders, The Global Thrive Group and the Global Leadership Symposium

“When I read this book, Psalm 105:5 came to mind, “Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced.” Almighty God has intervened in the lives of people who trusted Him. Sometimes the waiting and trusting spanned years, yet He did not fail. It is a blessing to take encouragement from these true, every day yet extraordinary stories and from His Word which is also the ultimate true story!”

Marek Prosner, Senior (Denominational leader), Církev Křesťanská společenství (CKS) - Christian Fellowships

“The greatest misconception of Christianity seems to be that faith in Christ is the answer for all life’s problems, trials, and tribulations. Whoever holds that view has not studied the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. True discipleship is actually an invitation to self-denial, suffering and persecution. Christ does not offer to remove our problems, instead, He offers to help us walk through them with Him. In contrast, our culture would prefer to walk around them and avoid any emotional or physical pain. This book is dedicated to the Christians who took Christ’s hand and walked through their difficulties. The intention is that this book of true stories will inspire hope in all who read it, and faith for those who need it. Enjoy!”

John Mullen, Pastor, Prague Christian Fellowship
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